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A Message


I come from a country that once had an ideology that people with different cultural backgrounds could not live together or prosper as equals. I am an apartheid child which means that I was born and raised during the apartheid regime in South Africa. I was always led to believe that I was not good enough and never worthy of anything good because of what I looked like.

I was different.

I did not belong to the right colour to be of any worth. But my mother raised us differently and always told us to be forgiving of those who treated us indifferently and to have compassion for everybody as we all share the same emotional feel of feelings. As a child it was not easy to understand, but as one grew older you just knew that she was right.


I believe that it is important to educate our children who will become future adults about cultural diversity. There is no denying the fact that the children of Sweden today are faced with more diversities than their parents were at their age. Children need a strong foundation to stand on and when best to start building that is when they are young, innocent and accepting. What better place to start with is where they spend their first years of schooling - in preschool. We decided to open a bilingual preschool that reflects cultural differences because as we all know children emulate what they see not what we tell them. In this preschool we will help foster the children to be tolerant of each others diversities which mean that they will learn how to be understanding and open to differences. I want to be part of helping all children develop a positive self concept and feel proud of who they are. I do believe that if this positive sense of self and of others is allowed to flourish then the future adults will be accepting and open to differences and in turn they will help make a difference to our bleeding world. It is important to me to make a positive difference to all children that I interact with.


My Little Tribe was inspired by the team. In thinking of a name for our preschool, we wanted a name that would embody the hopes and ideas that we have for children that enters our lives. We want them to have a place that they could call their own - something cosy and safe. The concept of a tribe holds the meaning of unity in the midst of diversity - A place where the fundamental values of love, respect and democracy are sown and nurtured in our children.




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