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Our Curriculum


We are a bilingual preschool that uses English and Swedish in our daily interaction with the children.  Together with the Swedish curriculum our goal is to teach the children a variety of skills that will help them become well rounded little people.  Our aim is to cultivate a love for the arts and language at the preschool. We believe strongly that learning through play, exploration, creativity, observation and social interaction is the most effective way to early childhood education.


We will be introducing the academic elements of reading and writing, mathematics and science to the children in a creative and stimulating way. Another aim of ours is to teach the children basic values of mutual respect, empathy, tolerance and living in harmony with our environment.


Each month, the children will work on different activities surrounding a particular theme. The themes are chosen to reflect the different aspects of our environment and the world at large. We believe that by supporting each child’s own learning patterns and pace with positive reinforcements, we will help to build individuals who will have a high self esteem and confidence. We strive to bring the world into our classrooms, giving our children the tools needed to become well rounded individuals who can contribute in a positive way to the people and situations that they will be faced with in the future. In line with this vision, we will be focusing on being eco-friendly in all areas at the preschool. We will be teaching the children to recycle, re-use and reduce as much as possible. On our part, we will strive to have as many eco-friendly products and produce in our preschool.   



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