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Gothenburg’s International Child Activity Centre


My name is Rags and I am from Cape Town South Africa.  Love brought me to Sweden.  Between my husband and me we have five children. Children have surrounded me ever since I was a little girl.  My mother took it upon herself to adopt children off the streets of Cape Town and she also raised some of her sisters’ children.  I was the eldest and had to keep my new brothers and sisters entertained from a very early age!  I was brought up during the apartheid era in South Africa, and as we did not belong to the most privileged, we grew up in an environment where buying toys did not exist.  I had to make the toys and games for my siblings, so that they could laugh and be happy, while my mother cooked and did the washing. 


One can say that it was like a day-care at our home because the neighbours’ children could not resist the fun!  They joined my siblings, my cousins and me each and every day!  We played games, we painted with sand and water, and we danced and sang while my father played the guitar.  I also made instruments for the children to play along.  At an early age of nine years old I started to learn how to cook and have been cooking ever since!  I learnt that one does not need a lot to be happy!  We had our values and most importantly we had lots of love in our home!  We cannot always choose our experiences but we sure can choose how we deal with them. 


In Cape Town before I moved to Sweden I was professionally active with coordinating and facilitating groups of adults in various business environments.  Since I arrived in Gothenburg I have been working in the kindergarten as well as in the preschooler groups, following the American, English and of course the Swedish curriculum that stresses learning through play and “hands on” activities.  I’ve been planning and evaluating activities within all areas of the kindergarten curriculum, always with the focus on the individual child.


My early experiences of a more private nature, in combination with my professional experiences, and formal courses have proved to be a successful mixture.  The children always enjoy my classes and I always love having the children in my class! Together, we have a wonderful time in which we create the magical moments where we learn new things together! 



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