My Little Tribe Bilingual Förskola

Rags Bengtsson-Davids created My Little Tribe Bilingual Preschool and opened its doors on 14 February 2007.

Who we are, influences the way in which we perceive the world.

This is a PRESCHOOL/FÖRSKOLA where relationships and development is at the center. People who are interested in other people work here. The children grow and develop during their time at our school and so do the staff in their respective professional roles. We focus on relationships and each others development. We are interested in each other. We see each child and everyone. The social climate at our school is about promoting a good quality of life. Communication is important and teamwork is essential. We are kind to each other, we listen to each other, we help each other, we respect each others diversities. We maintain respectful, trusting and caring relationships throughout our school. Our foundation is respect.

Being raised in a country like South Africa where not all children have access to education plagued me, and coming to Sweden, where all have access to a just education, felt like freedom. 

Cultural Diversity has an impact on today’s global world. Immigration, migration, racism, segregation and social inequality is on the rise and we need a JUST education to combat those ideals and reforms. 

There are so many different identities in this world, who all come from different cultures and ethnicities, and for us at MLT it is important to understand each other’s cultures, be able to understand each other socially, to understand that there are so many diverse families in this world, and where best to start is in our schools. 

Building trusting and positive relationships with each and everyone that comes through our doors is pivotal at our school.  My teacher did not understand me nor did she understand where I came from, and she did not take the time to build a relationship with me.  She excluded me. So I chose to be silent and not say a word. I was part of the silent minority group throughout my primary school days. 

We at MLT believe in inclusion. We believe in making everybody feel welcome.  Help children in their thinking that we are all different but yet we can live together in harmony and respect each other’s beliefs. The more stable the children are of their identities the less frightened they will be of their world and the easier it gets for them to find their place in society, which ultimately they will realize that the world is a place of challenge and exploration not fear.

Preparing children for this ever changing world has become a focus for our school. Working on their sense of identity is vital because when children are okay with their own identity then they are okay with others. We encourage the children to explore and are always making them aware that it is okay to make mistakes through their exploration. We as the teachers are always around to see their mistakes and help them realise that they have many chances to make it right. Try and try again until you get it right. Don’t give up! We also encourage the children to take on responsibilities as that helps foster their identity. We teachers are important role models in the children’s lives. It is part of our responsibilities to encourage children in finding out who they are, where they come from, to respect cultural diversity and to reject discrimination and racism.

Interested in being part of our Tribe?

Torgny Segerstedtsgatan 64, Västra Frölunda

Contact Rags at +46(0)707630104


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