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Gothenburg’s International Child Activity Centre




Building a child’s self esteem is a great responsibility, so therefore it is our duty to listen with love, to be accepting of every child’s uniqueness and last but not least to apply loving discipline.


It is our responsibility to your child to create environments that are challenging and situations that allows your child to develop in each and every way.


Our contribution to making the world a better place is, taking part in the process of developing active and healthier, creatively thinking future adults, with a continuous conscious awareness of the environment!


The best kind of learning happens when children are having too much fun to notice that they are actually learning and that is exactly what we make happen at the Centre! 


Music, communication, movement, arts, dramatic play and creative thinking are some of the important parts of the healthy development of a child, and therefore it is the core of our program together with the Swedish curriculum.  Classroom activities are based on a play and task learning atmosphere.  Through the use of games, art and other hands-on experiences, children are taught age- and individually-appropriate skills and basic concepts. This type of curriculum allows us to develop unique and creative learning environments with interesting topics.


Each child will be stimulated at her/his own level and challenged to extend their skills.  In a small personal group your child will get full individual attention!


Our plan with the Centre is to continuously encourage and nurture the whole child to develop her or his potential through new experiences in a fun and loving atmosphere.  It is one of our highest priorities to make sure that you as parents maintain peace of mind with regards to your children’s safety and to feel completely comfortable at the centre.


We will continually strive to ensure a physically and psychologically safe and secure environment for your child.  Every interaction with the centre will be a learning and loving experience for your children. 





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